In the internet age, when the speed and freedom of information exchange is seemingly boundless,  we believe that scientists have an active role to play in communities, both virtual and real,  in which people are passionate about science. The stakes of clear communication about science include such pressing topics as human health and well-being and the sustainability of life on our planet, so we believe that open communication about science is everyone’s responsibility, scientist and non-scientist alike. As such, we the writers behind the ScIU blog are, for the most part, graduate students in scientific fields, who may also be your neighbors, your instructors, and your colleagues, and we aim to foster a passionate discussion among everyone at Indiana University with an interest in science.

The goals of the ScIU blog are twofold and aim to benefit the communities on either side of the computer screen. By providing well-written, accurate posts about science, we will develop our ability to communicate with you about our research and engage you in our work. In turn, we hope that you will gain a new perspective on current research, broaden your understanding of science as a field, and engage in conversation with us about topics that you find interesting. To give some shape to the potentially vast topic, this project begins and ends with the science taking place at the IU College of Arts and Sciences; that in itself gives us limitless possibilities.