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Peer Reviewed Articles and Chapters

2020    Engaging Differences: How Socially Diverse Organizations Can Mobilize Their

  Resources More Effectively

Social Forces


2020    Representative Group Styles: How Ally Immigrant Rights Organizations

  Promote Immigrant Involvement

Social Problems

– 2017 Jack Shand Research Award/Grant (for proposed project) | Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

– 2016 Association Management Research Award/Grant | American Society of Association Executives


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Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly


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The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook, 3rd edition

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2020    Survey Data Collection Methods and Discrepancy in the Sociological Study of

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Sociology of Religion


2020    Organizing Together: Identifying Benefits and Drawbacks of Community-Labor

     Coalitions for Community Organizing Efforts

Social Service Review


2020    Secular Evangelicals: Faith-Based Organizing and Four Modes of Public


Sociology of Religion


2019    Critical Standpoint: Leaders of Color Advancing Racial Equality in 

   Predominantly White Organizations

Nonprofit Management & Leadership

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2019    National Trends in Food Insecurity and Congregation-Based Food Provision

   between 1998 and 2012

Ecology of Food and Nutrition


2019    The Economic Practices of U.S. Congregations: A Review of Current Research

   and Future Opportunities

Social Compass


2019    Religious Congregations Addressing HIV: Examining Predictors of Different

   Types of Congregational HIV Activities

Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services


2018    Organizations and Survey Research: Implementing Response Enhancing

   Strategies and Conducting Nonresponse Analyses

Sociological Methods & Research

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2018    Civil Society Organizations and the Enduring Role of Religion in Promoting

   Democratic Engagement



2018    Prevalence and Predictors of Mental Health Programs among U.S.


Psychiatric Services.

   – Featured article in the From Pages to Practice [podcast]


2017    Fostering Muslim Civic Engagement through Faith-Based Community


Journal of Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society

   – Presented at the Center on American Muslim Philanthropy [video]


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2016    Network Ties and Organizational Action: Explaining Variation in Social Service

   Provision Patterns

Management and Organizational Studies

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2014    The Role of Bridging Cultural Practices in Racially and Socioeconomically

   Diverse Civic Organizations  [podcast for this article]

American Sociological Review

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International Journal of Public Theology.

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Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

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