2021.12.7     The Chronicle of Philanthropy

                         Being Diverse is Not Enough


2021.11.30   Indy Star

                         Mental Health Crisis in the Black Community


2021.11.23   DAME Magazine

                           Funding Isn’t Reaching America’s Immigrants


2021.10.28   Washington Post

                           Congregations Helping Hungry People Get Food


2021.10.15   Fox59 News

                            Congregations and Mental Health Programs


2021.10.1     Religion News Service

Americans are in a Mental Health Crisis


2021.3.30     Wallet Hub

Coronavirus Easter Survey


2020.10.23   Washington Post

As Organized Religion Shrinks, Faith-Based Charities Worry


2020.10.20   IU Newsroom

Thinking Outside the Classroom for Socially Distanced Classes


2020.8.6       Limestone Post

Help for Renters as the End of the Eviction Moratorium Looms


2020.5.21     Philanthropy Daily

Religious Organizations in the Nonprofit Sector


2020.4.29     Market Watch

Another Coronavirus Victim: Churches


2020.4.29     The Conversation

Empty Pews Take a Financial Toll on Many Congregations


2020.4.16     RAND Corporation

The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in the Context of COVID-19


2020.4.9       Bloomberg News

American Worship in the Time of Pandemic


2020.4.6       Wallet Hub

Coronavirus Easter Survey


2020.3.3       Washington Post

Evangelicals Downplay Religious Expression


2020.2.24     Minnesota Public Radio News

Across Races, Religions, Coalitions Organize for Solidarity


2020.2.24     Washington Post

Solidarity over Segregation


2020.1.13     Nonprofit Quarterly

One Step on the Road to Nonprofit Racial Equity


2019.12.19   The Conversation

Nonprofits Empowering Leaders of Color


2019.11.2      San Francisco Chronicle

How “President Pence” would change the 2020 race


2019.10.16    Religion News Service

Religious Attendance Flatlining, but Giving Remains Strong


2019.4.5        WFIU Public Radio | Noon Edition

Charitable Giving


2018.9.16      CNBC Tech

Unanswered Questions about Jeff Bezos’ $2 Billion Fund


2017.11.14     Inside Indiana Business

Research to Explore Finances of Congregations


2017.7.21       Times Union

A Secular-Religious Alliance


2017.7.21        Political News

How Religious Progressive Can Be More Effective


2017.5.4          CNHI Statehouse Bureau

Trump’s Order May Encourage Church Members to Speak Out on Politics


2017.2.17        Religion News Service

‘Destroy’ the Johnson Amendment?


2017.2.7          New York Times | Washington Post | Chicago Tribune

Trump’s Church Politics Idea Has Wide Reach


2016.11.1        New York Times | Chicago Tribune |

After Trump, An Evangelical Examination of Conscience?


2016.6.2          Political Science Now

Research on Politically Active Churches


2016.5.23         Herald Times

Researcher Finds Churches Less Involved in Politics


2016.5.20         Religion Dispatches

Can the Religious Left Be Effective Again?


2016.5.6           WFIU Public Radio | Noon Edition

The Election in Voters’ Voices


2015.12.22       Herald Times

Coalitions of Faith Groups Can Improve Life for Muslims in America


2014.7.6           Huffington Post

Interfaith Prayer Can Strengthen Unity, Diversity in Faith-Based Organizations: Study


2014.6.25         Washington Post

Interfaith Civic Groups Bridge Diversity with Participatory Prayers


2014.6.25        New York Magazine

Prayer Can Help Promote Unity in Diverse Settings


2014.6.25       Business Standard

Prayer Can Bring Unity Amid Diversity


2014.6.24       UConn Today

Building a Diverse Organization, One Prayer at a Time


2014.6.17       University of New Mexico Newsroom

Organizations Not Keeping Pace with Increasing Diversity


2013.8.21       National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Transformative Philanthropy: Supporting Institution-Based Community Organizing


2013 Spring    Shelterforce –The Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building

A Decade of Growth: Institution-Based Community Organizations Tackle the Challenges of the New Millennium at the Local, State, and National Level


2013.2.13        Charles Stewart Mott News

Institution-Based Community Organizing Builds Bridges to the Future

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