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Dunn Woods, Natural Heart of IU

Smoking Hot Rant


{rant} WTF is with folks who toss their filtered cigarette butts in the woods? There is a dirt path into the woods near the Well House, and it cuts diagonally to one of the brick paths, and about halfway through is a limestone marker from 1883, probably to mark the planting of a tree there. So this is the spot someone, or several someones come to smoke. Now this is America, I think people should be able to consume whatever grows out if the ground, it is our goddess given natural right. But to trash the forest as part of the ritual, I just don’t get it. Every time I walk through the woods, I find trash and remove it, water bottles, sandwich wraps, coffee cups, plastic whatevers, I pick them up as I have never seen the grounds crew picking up there. But cigarette butts, with all the DNA, bacteria, germs!? I can’t get myself to do it without gloves. Why do these smokers think they have special rights in the world? Because I am addicted, I can do what i want? I just don’t get it. If you have to throw your butts on the ground, try unfiltered cigs, they will degrade after a short period, but these filters last for years. Anyone know who is doing this? Can you ask them to stop? {/end rant}

Cigarette butts in Dunn Woods

Cigarette butts in Dunn Woods

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