Dunn Woods Memories

Dunn Woods, Natural Heart of IU

August 3, 2015
by mitch

May Apples in July

May Apple Flower

May Apple Flower

Even though a good portion of the late crop of May Apples got whacked by the IU grounds crew on their clearing of the woods this week, I was able to salvage couple of green ones before the weed whackers, wood chipper and bush hog took out a portion of the undergrowth.

I let the may applesĀ sit to ripen and they sure did. The skin went to bright yellow and then brown as it agedĀ The insides were soft, reminding me of grapes in texture and the seeds are a comparable size. The taste however was reminiscent of pear and had the tongue feel of lemon, not grape, so it is a unique flavor/texture combination for sure.