Dunn Woods Memories

Dunn Woods, Natural Heart of IU

Cooper’s Hawks return to Dunn Woods


Coopers Hawks in Dunn Woods I was walking around last week when I thought to stop by last year’s hawk nest in the woods. I thought I heard a hawk-like squawk, then saw one fly into an upper branch about a hundred feet from the nest. This week I saw the pair, and I am pretty sure the bigger one is the female. She flew onto a branch with the male, and proceeded to eat what looked like a small mammal, while he kept watch.

Then today I saw what appears a new nest a few hundred yards from the bigger original, and I’ve seen the mom sitting on the nest, and the dad swooping down from the incredibly high beech tree and fly through the woods. If I stand on one of the pathways for a while, I am able to spot one of them, most often after hearing them call. In a few weeks, the babies will be calling for food all day long, that is how I spotted them last year, and I will be keeping a close eye on their growth.

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