CLACS at the HLS 2023 Day

On Saturday March 4th 2023, the Center of Latinamerican and Caribean Studies was pleased to share with prospective HLS students (both transfers and incoming freshmen).  We are sharing with the upcoming students and their parents our center programs, events, classes, languages, courses, and minors. Was an exciting experience to see many people interested in our region. Looking forward to see all of them soon at the center!

The event was organized by the Hamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies

CLACS and Cafezinho: Carnaval edition!

On February 22nd 2023, CLACS and Cafezinho* had their first event partnership of the semester: Cafezinho Carnaval edition! In this event, the Portuguese-speaking community at IU and Bloomington had the opportunity to make their own Carnaval masks and learn how to dance samba with Laís Lara Vanin and Gabriella Bain. Both are members of the African American Dance Company at IU. Laís is a PhD candidate at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and a performer. Gabriella is a ballerina and a Junior in Folklore and Anthropology. By the end of the event, there was also a roda de samba** where students could show off the samba moves they learned with Laís and Gabriella!

*Cafezinho is the Portuguese-speaking hour in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. During the 2022-2023 academic year, the PhD student Bruna Kalil was the organizer.

**Roda de samba is an improvised meeting of musicians and people that are singing, playing, and dancing samba.


CLACS Sponsoring La Comunidad del Sancocho for their lunch with Cristal Ange y Carlos Castaño

On Feb 22nd the Colombian Association at Indiana University “La Comunidad del Sancocho” hosted a lunch with Cristal Ange y Carlos Castaño sponsored by CLACS. Both shared with the IU Colombian Faculty and Graduate students their work with the Fundación Herencia in Colombia. More information at:

CLACS at the Literacy Night at Lakeview Elementary School.

On February 9th, 2023, CLACS had an exhibit during the Literacy Night at Lakeview Elementary School. This event had several fairy tale literacy activities, the school book fair, and a station with exhibits from many of the academic centers of Indiana University. The exhibit that CLACS prepared focused on two legends from Brazilian Folklore: Boitatá and Boi-Bumbá or Bumba Meu Boi. While learning more about them, students had the opportunity to create their own versions of each one of these two legends!

Following, you can see some pictures of the event:


CLACS Event: Understanding Peru’s Crisis / Feb 3rd 2023

On Feb 3rd 2023 CLACS hosted a multidisciplinary roundtable discussion of the current political crisis and popular protests in Peru.

You can see the recording of the full event here!

This roundtable discussion featured faculty from across campus: Serafín Coronel-Molina (Education), Lucia Guerra-Reyes (Public Health), Shane Greene (Anthropology), Javier León (Latin American Music Center), Doris Loayza (Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies), Julio Postigo (Geography), Olga Rodríguez-Ulloa (American Studies & Latino Studies).

CLACS Sponsoring La Comunidad del Sancocho for their lunch with Alexandra McNichols-Torroledo

On Tuesday Nov 8th “La Comunidad del Sancocho – IU Colombian Students Association” hosted a Lunch with the artist Alexandra McNichols-Torroledo. The event was co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. In the event had a mixed Colombian group, including the CAIUB officers, Bloomington community members, faculty, and undergraduate and graduate students, where some of them are new faces in our meetings! This was an exceptional, fun, and warm experience!

CLACS affiliate Christiana Ochoa to be next dean of IU Maurer Law School

Christiana Ochoa has been has been named dean of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, effective Nov. 1, 2022.She is the school’s first-ever Latine dean and one of just eight Latine women ever to serve as the dean of a U.S. law school.

For more:

CLACS as co-sponsor of Lotus World Music Festival Latin-American Artists

As a Center we understand the enormous importance that culture has in the understanding of the regions. That is why, we felt very proud to be able to support the 2022 version of the Lotus World Music Festival co-sponsoring three groups from Latin America: Matizando, Ladama, and Bazurto. Lotus was a Four-day long musical extravaganza from Sept 22 -25, 2022, in downtown Bloomington with more than 20 international artist groups. A experience to enjoy music, the arts, food, dance, and workshops between a combination of free events and incredible ticketed concerts for All Ages! More info at:

Como Centro entendemos la enorme importancia que tiene la cultura en el entendimiento de las regiones. Por eso, nos sentimos muy orgullosos de poder apoyar la versión 2022 del Lotus World Music Festival copatrocinando a tres grupos de América Latina: Matizando, Ladama y Bazurto. Lotus fue un gran espectáculo musical de cuatro días de duración del 22 al 25 de septiembre de 2022 en el centro de Bloomington con más de 20 grupos de artistas internacionales. ¡Una experiencia para disfrutar de la música, las artes, la comida, la danza y los talleres entre una combinación de eventos gratuitos e increíbles conciertos con boleto para todas las edades! Más información en:

CLACS Hosting the Ex-President of the Colombian Constitutional Court – Manuel Jose Cepeda

On Sep 22, 2022, CLACS hosted Manuel Jose Cepeda Espinoza, Ex-President of the Colombian Constitutional Court, in a warm and frank conversation about the insides of the Constitutional legal system of Colombia. From the understanding of the new humanistic advances in the 1991 new Colombian Constitution to the complex and controversial constitutional sentences that he had to deal with during his tenure as Justice of the Constitutional Court from 2001-2009, the conversation shared the principles around the “Tutela” process and implications for Colombians, and the process of Justice selections every eight years for the Colombian Courts. The conversation had multidisciplinary faculty, scholars and students from IU Bloomington, all sharing the interest in the possible Latinamerican Countries’ application of Constitutional concepts discussed in the session. We also hosted a special guest, Irene Massimino, human rights lawyer from Argentina, Rapporteur of the High Criminal Court of Buenos Aires Province who is working towards her PhD at the IU Indianapolis School of Law.

El pasado 22 de septiembre de 2022, CLACS recibió a Manuel José Cepeda Espinoza, Ex-Presidente de la Corte Constitucional de Colombia, en una cálida y franca conversación sobre las entrañas del sistema jurídico constitucional de Colombia. Desde la comprensión de los nuevos avances humanísticos en la nueva Constitución colombiana de 1991 hasta las complejas y controvertidas sentencias constitucionales que tuvo que enfrentar durante su gestión como Magistrado de la Corte Constitucional de 2001 a 2009, la conversación compartió los principios en torno a la “Tutela” sus proceso e implicaciones para los colombianos, y el proceso de selección de Magistrados cada ocho años para las Cortes colombianas. La conversación contó con profesores, académicos y estudiantes de diversas disiciplinas en IU Bloomington, todos compartiendo el interés en la posible aplicación de los conceptos constitucionales de los países latinoamericanos discutidos en la sesión. También recibimos a una invitada especial, Irene Massimino, abogada de derechos humanos de Argentina, Relatora del Tribunal Superior Penal de la Provincia de Buenos Aires que está trabajando para obtener su doctorado en la Facultad de Derecho de IU Indianápolis.

CLACS at La Casa Latino

On Aug 24th 2022, our Director Dr. Daniel Suslak, and current GA Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez, shared with the Latino community at “La Casa’s Welcome and Resource Fair” organized by La Casa/Latino Cultural Center of Indiana University Bloomington

El 24 de Agosto de 2022, nuestro Director, el Dr. Daniel Suslak, y nuestro actual GA, Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez; compartieron con la comunidad latina en la “Feria de Bienvenida y Recursos de La Casa” organizada por La Casa/Centro Cultural Latino de la Universidad de Indiana Bloomington