SPEA updates

“You are the students who look at their scope of work and demand its commitment to something greater than themselves”

By Sawyer Knuteson, 2017 SPEA Commencement Student Speaker Neither greatness nor failure is made in a day; both will take a lifetime to achieve. This is something that I have said to myself throughout my college career. It has encouraged me in times of tribulation, and humbled me when my arrogance bested me. However, these… Read more »

Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush to SPEA grads: “You’re making your communities better places”

Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush served as the keynote speaker for SPEA’s annual graduation dinner, held Friday night at the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis. Rush, who was appointed to the state’s highest court in 2012, shared the story of her journey from humble beginnings in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to her rise to… Read more »

Q&A with Elite 50 winner Rahael Mathew, MSCJPS’17

As a child growing up in India, Rahael Mathew described herself as “a sensible young lady with a hidden interest in the criminal mind.” Mathew has been delving deep into that interest the past two years as a student in SPEA’s Master of Criminal Justice and Public Safety program. After receiving her undergraduate degree in… Read more »

Research on competitive giving will shed light on impact on philanthropy

Every March since 2012, Brackets For Good, an Indianapolis-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization, hosts online “competitive giving” fundraising tournaments. With March Madness as the impetus, there are now nonprofits in 10 additional cities involved, and a national competition. Participating nonprofits organizations rally enthusiastic donors to out fundraise their opponents in order to advance into the next… Read more »

New SPEA course connects students to careers and leaders in community development

By Marshawn Wolley, Director of of Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives As part of SPEA’s long-standing commitment to community engagement and development, the school recently launched the Community Corps program. The innovative initiative aims to prepare the next generation of civic leaders while partnering with many of our community’s nonprofit, faith-based, and public organizations. A… Read more »