Veteran professors Stucky, Lupton promoted to new roles in Indianapolis

Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs Dean John Graham has announced new leadership at the school’s Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus. Professor Thomas D. Stucky, who has been with SPEA at IUPUI since 2004, has been tapped as the Executive Associate Dean beginning July 1.

Stucky replaces Lilliard Richardson, who has completed his five-year term as EAD. Richardson will be taking a research leave in the Fairbanks School of Public Health and serving as a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Health Policy before returning to the SPEA faculty as a full-time policy studies professor.

Suzann Lupton, who started with the SPEA at IUPUI public affairs faculty in 2010, is joining Stucky in the leadership transition as Assistant Dean. A former attorney with Baker & Daniels, Lupton will be responsible for a variety of areas, including public affairs education, diversity promotion, and student services.


“You are the students who look at their scope of work and demand its commitment to something greater than themselves”

By Sawyer Knuteson, 2017 SPEA Commencement Student Speaker

Neither greatness nor failure is made in a day; both will take a lifetime to achieve.

This is something that I have said to myself throughout my college career. It has encouraged me in times of tribulation, and humbled me when my arrogance bested me. However, these terms may have a different definition depending on the person with whom you speak; one woman’s failures may be another’s successes, so this is why to define these terms we must first look within.

Many nights we spent long hours writing papers, highlighting the readings or maybe even secretly plotting mutiny within our group projects.

All of these experiences prepared us for class, but they also refined us for difficulties that lay ahead. Despite these experiences and refining moments it is far too often I hear my generation referred to as snowflakes. “Oh you delicate snowflake.” “Don’t hurt the snowflake, they are easily offended.” Well this time, hell yes I’m offended! Because I do not think we understand what a snowflake is capable of and what it means when someone calls us this strange and wonderful insult!

You do realize a snowflake is unique? (more…)

Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush to SPEA grads: “You’re making your communities better places”

Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush

Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush served as the keynote speaker for SPEA’s annual graduation dinner, held Friday night at the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis.

Rush, who was appointed to the state’s highest court in 2012, shared the story of her journey from humble beginnings in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to her rise to Chief Justice, and she praised graduates for their commitment to making a difference in the lives of others during her 20-minute address.


Q&A with Elite 50 winner Rahael Mathew, MSCJPS’17

Rahael Mathew

As a child growing up in India, Rahael Mathew described herself as “a sensible young lady with a hidden interest in the criminal mind.”

Mathew has been delving deep into that interest the past two years as a student in SPEA’s Master of Criminal Justice and Public Safety program. After receiving her undergraduate degree in mass communication and psychology from Jyoti Nivas College in her hometown of Bangalore, Mathew landed in Indianapolis in January 2015 eager to tackle her graduate education.


Research on competitive giving will shed light on impact on philanthropy

Every March since 2012, Brackets For Good, an Indianapolis-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization, hosts online “competitive giving” fundraising tournaments. With March Madness as the impetus, there are now nonprofits in 10 additional cities involved, and a national competition.

Participating nonprofits organizations rally enthusiastic donors to out fundraise their opponents in order to advance into the next round of the tournament. By generating stakeholder excitement, promoting the tournament, and soliciting corporate involvement, nonprofits earn increased exposure, raise funds, gain access to free fundraising tools and are introduced to new donors.