It is rather strange how invasive species have had an important role in leading me to Indiana University as a graduate student in organic chemistry. It all started out in a high school chemistry course where I was part of a group that presented on the effects of invasive species at the statewide Governor’s Invasive Species Conference. This conference and the high school chemistry class itself began a passion for chemistry that would lead me to become a chemistry major in college. During my undergraduate studies, I became interested in pursuing chemistry research and ended up interning at the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center. Oddly enough, the synthetic chemistry project I worked on related to the development of a selective toxicant against the Asian Carp. Once again invasive species aided in my growing passion for chemistry. The research I completed with the carp toxicant motivated me to enter graduate school to receive an advanced degree to allow me become an even better chemist. I am currently working beginning my fourth year of graduate school as a Ph.D. working on carbohydrate synthesis in the N. Pohl laboratories (alas no invasive species are related to my current work!).

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A Short Interview with Dr. Jonathan Schlebach

a portrait of Dr. Schlebach

This past August Indiana University welcomed a new addition to its chemical biology research faculty, Dr. Jonathan Schlebach. Dr. Schlebach came to IU following a post-doctoral position at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, to begin setting up his own research program and teaching graduate and undergraduate courses. He offers some insight on what his research… Read more »

Is there sugar in my vaccine?

Zika. Ebola. SARS. Each of these different diseases have been extensively covered by the media and have sparked widespread concern about disease prevention globally. This concern over disease prevention has hit even closer to home with the mumps outbreak at IU this past spring. With this recent outbreak, there has been a push to minimize… Read more »