Hi! I'm Steve, and I'm a graduate student in mathematics in the IU Bloomington Math Department. I enjoy learning about lots of topics in math, but I'm particularly focused on Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis: both grow out of and expand calculus. Learning these involves a lot of head scratching, working on the chalkboard, and some programming to run simulations on a computer. I fell in love with mathematics sometime in my second or third year of undergrad. It took me a little while! Math takes a different turn after a couple years in college, and I really like what I'm doing now. I hope I can demystify some of what goes on in Rawles Hall and Swain East, to make math a little less scary and a lot more understandable. It's beautiful stuff, and I love sharing it with other folks. When I'm not doing math, I enjoy playing music--mostly mandolin these days--and playing Dota 2.

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Math on a Clock: Exploration in Mathematics

I want to give you a sense of what it’s like doing math “in the wild”. Doing mathematics is not just about learning what other people have already done: it’s about exploring and playing around with a system to figure out what’s going on. Let’s give it a go! We are all familiar with the… Read more »