Here at ScIU, we believe in providing all IU scientists with a voice! Below is a list of ScIU Guest Contributor Posts. "A Black History Month for All of Us" by Brett Jefferson (February 14th, 2017). "Hidden Figures, No More" by Marvin Q. Jones, Jr. and Steve Hussung (February 28th, 2017).

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Hidden Figures, No More

Movie Release image of three women, who are the main characters of Hidden Figures.

This is the second installment of ScIU theme posts for Black History Month. The authors are ScIU guest writer Marvin Q. Jones, Jr., a graduate student in IU’s Department of Mathematics from Newport News, VA; and Steve Hussung, also a graduate student in IU’s Department of Mathematics. Check out our other Black History Month post… Read more »

A Black History Month for All of Us

This is a ScIU guest post by Brett Jefferson, a Ph.D. candidate in IU’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Department of Mathematics.  From Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel in space, to Dr. Sylvester James Gates, a theoretical physicist who published the first comprehensive book on supersymmetry, to Marcellus Neal,… Read more »