Surprise! I’m actually from the English department because I believe that science and the liberal arts have a lot to contribute to each other. As a grad student in English literature, I specialize in writing from the Victorian period, which occurred in England from about 1830 to 1900, roughly aligned with the reign of Queen Victoria. The 19th century saw a great expansion in scientific knowledge, and along with it, the greater visibility and discussion of science within public life. I am fascinated by the interactions between the scientific fields and mainstream culture as they happen continually in any time period. Both now and 100 years ago, real communication between scientists and the public is and always has been vibrant and passionate. However, today, in the information age, the necessity of good communication has never been greater, but we also have even more ways to engage in deep discussion about science. This is what the ScIU blog means to me, and I’m very excited to be working on it!

Entries by Clara Boothby

On On the Origin of Species: An ode to scientist-writers

Sometimes, when we read about science in textbooks or newspaper articles, it can be easy to slip into thinking that after the scientists make their discovery, the writing is someone else’s job. Not so! In addition to being researchers and experimenters, scientists must also be writers if they wish to share their findings with the… Read more »