Tornado drills on Tuesday — do you know where to go?

Indiana University is conducting tornado drills on all campuses on Tuesday as part of its annual Operation Stormy Weather and the state’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week. The drills will occur in the morning and evening, giving you a chance to practice finding shelter on campus and in your residences.

If you live off-campus, you likely won’t have building maps that mark your severe weather shelter with a funnel cloud icon, so it’s important to think through where the safest place to shelter in your house or apartment building is located. Basements are best. ¬†When choosing locations, look for rooms on the lowest level possible and try to avoid windows.

Ken Long, director of Emergency Management and Continuity for IU Bloomington, recommends that off-campus residents purchase a NOAA Weather radio to ensure they receive alerts — you can’t depend on outdoor warning sirens because they are designed to alert people outdoors, not indoors.

Putting together emergency kits is particularly important for off-campus residents, he said.

“It’s important to have enough supplies for three days because they’re off on their own,” Long said.

Don’t forget to post your #IUShelterSelfie to show us how it’s done. The last thing you should be doing when tornadoes are near is shooting pictures or video of them.



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