Counseling and Psychological Services

Celebrate EveryBODY Week!

This Monday is the start of Celebrate EveryBODY Week and we’re celebrating YOU! Too often students focus on the things they don’t like about their bodies, the things they want to change, and the things society tells them don’t look quite right. Her nose is too big, he’s too short, her breasts are too small, his smile… Read more »

Walk-in Counseling Services Available to Multicultural Students

College students can have many stressors–academics, relationships, depression, anxiety, and more. With the recent political changes to our country, there are new crises in the lives of our students with diverse and multicultural backgrounds. International students, especially those from countries highlighted in the recent executive orders, face tremendous uncertainty and confusion. Racism and fear are on the rise. Fortunately,… Read more »

Adjusting to IU

Are you a transfer student looking for some help adjusting to IU? Or maybe a returning student but still adjusting to college? Here are some tips to help you SPRING into the New Year. Be proactive: Unlike high school, in college you have to take more initiative to get involved and find your fun. Look… Read more »

Join Crimson CORPS!

Indiana University’s Crimson CORPS (Caring, Open‐Minded, Respectful Peer Support) is seeking applicants for the 2017-18 academic year! Crimson CORPS is a group of carefully selected undergraduate students, trained to provide informal, accepting and non‐judgmental peer support. As a student group, the mission of the CORPS is to promote a culture of compassion and action at IU, and… Read more »

New Year, New You

It’s almost 2017 and you know what that means! It’s resolution time! Unfortunately, research shows that just 8% of Americans were successful at achieving their New Year’s resolutions last year, although nearly half of Americans made one. So, what’s the problem and how can we help? “I think focusing on too many goals at a time is… Read more »

Coming to Terms with Depression

The following is an anonymous post written by a student with Depression for IU Depression Awareness and Screening Week (#IUDASW). He/she is now a member of Crimson Corps. Learn more about Crimson Corps here. By: A Crimson Corps Student At the end of my freshmen year of college, my Facebook feed was filled with posts from my old… Read more »

Political Stress Reduction 101

Do the debates have your stomach tied in a knot? Tired of watching your friends argue on social media? Here are five tips for lowering political stress as Election Day approaches. Turn anxiety into action. Avoid just stewing about the other candidate(s). Instead, try to figure out ways you can act, like training to work at a polling location…. Read more »

Web Wednesdays

Having a hard time adjusting to life as a college student? Need help with stress, time management, friends, or study skills but don’t have time to actually get it? Try Web Wednesdays, FREE interactive online workshops to help you adjust to college and be more successful. “What I like about our web-based services is that… Read more »

IU Depression Awareness and Screening Week

By Dr. Chris Meno, CAPS Psychologist and Outreach Coordinator Depression is one of the most common reasons students come to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). 1 in 10 college students experience Depression each year, and Depression is the number one reason students drop out of college. That’s why it’s so important for all of us to… Read more »

On World Suicide Prevention Day

By Dr. Nancy Stockton It’s World Suicide Prevention Day which gives us a chance to talk about a topic that most of us may not spend much time contemplating. There are reasons for this. Suicide can be such a difficult subject to think about or grasp, when most of us, most of the time are… Read more »