Health Center Honored with Four Division Awards

Behind the 49,000 students on the IU Bloomington campus, over 10,000 faculty and staff work to help these students succeed in all areas of their lives. The Division of Student Affairs and its many departments focus of facilitating student success.

Each year, the Division grants awards to its employees and programs that excel in fostering these goals.

April 27, at the 30th Annual Division of Student Affairs Awards Ceremony, three IU Health Center employees–Laura Dolby, Joe Sheese, and Elma Jessen–along with the Health Center’s Let’s Talk program will receive merited acknowledgment.

More often than not, the individuals most deserving of recognition are the ones who expect it the least. Our award winners are no exception.

Laura Dolby, RN, serves as Assistant Director of Nursing and will receive the Division’s Shaffer Professional Staff Award.

“I was very humbled and surprised to receive this award,” said Dolby. “My staff make me look really good, so the award probably should have gone to all of them. They make my job easy because they are truly amazing people.”

The feeling is clearly mutual as several staff nominated Laura for the award, including Nancy Macklin, Director of Nursing.

“Laura is an outstanding nurse and leader; she’s caring and personable, an amazing problem solver, and extremely organized,” said Macklin.

Dolby will retire May 5 after 22 years at the Health Center. She is confident her team will continue their great work.

“I have a great staff of top notch nurses and medical assistants that have the students’ best interest in mind,” said Dolby. “As health professionals, we recognize that if students are healthy, they will succeed, and we try to give them the tools to do so.”

As the Health Center’s Building Manager, Joe Sheese will receive the Division’s Service-Maintenance Award.

“Joe’s position and the role of his staff play a critical and vital role in not only maintaining standards of cleanliness and infection control, but also enhancing the perception of the Health Center for every person that walks through this building,” said Pete Grogg, Executive Director of the Health Center. “I’m proud to have Joe as a member of our team.”

In addition to Sheese’s dedication to upholding high standards of cleanliness, Grogg nominated Sheese for his leadership of the Health Center’s green efforts. Under Sheese’s care, the Health Center has improved its energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and indoor environmental air quality.

“If you can do something to save energy or waste, it makes sense to do so,” said Sheese. “It’s something I didn’t think about too much ten years ago, but the world continues to grow and it’s important for the future.”

As a father of four kids and an employee working around students every day, it is no surprise that Sheese is mindful of the future and passionate about integrating sustainable procedures.

Sheese was surprised to receive the award. “I nominated some of my staff for this award, and didn’t realize I was nominated myself. I just wanted to see some of my staff awarded,” he said.

“At the end of the day, Joe is the type of person everyone likes to be around,” said Grogg. “He not only has a great attitude about his job, but he truly cares about the people with whom he works. He is a team player who always places the needs of the students and the Health Center first.”

The Goldsmith Division’s Support Staff Award will go to Elma Jessen for her position as office administrative support staff of OASIS Alcohol and Drug Support Center.

“Elma is the first person students interact with in our office,” said Heather Barrett, Intervention Coordinator for OASIS. “Many times they are nervous, scared, or angry, but Elsa’s friendly greeting and calm demeanor puts them at ease.”

OASIS sees around 1,800 students a year through its counseling services, and touches close to 10,000 through additional intervention workshops, programs, and trainings. Guiding students through addiction recovery is crucial to improving their health and happiness, and Jessen plays an essential role in helping OASIS run smoothly.

Finally, Counseling and Psychological Services’ (CAPS) Let’s Talk program will receive the Division’s Campus Program Award.

Launched this fall, Let’s Talk provides opportunities for multicultural students to chat with supervised consultants in a casual setting at various campus cultural centers, Eigenmann Hall, the Groups Scholars Program, and the Office of International Services.

College students can have many stressors–academics, relationships, depression, anxiety, and more. Currently with the political changes to our country, there are additional crises in the lives of many students. Fortunately, support abounds on campus. If you need someone to talk to in any of these regards, a Let’s Talk consultant or counselor is an excellent place to start.

“This program was created to break down barriers and stigma associated with formal counseling, especially for those students less likely to use it,” said Nancy Stockton, Director of CAPS. “Some students’ cultural backgrounds may hinder them from seeking counseling, or perhaps they have a problem that doesn’t quite rise to an extreme that requires formal counseling.”

Let’s Talk has helped more than 300 students since November and looks forward to continued growth.

Congratulations to all award-winners!

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