Physical Therapy Department Expands

Undergoing a major upgrade, the IUHC Physical Therapy department has expanded to a 5-times-larger facility, and physical therapy services are now available to faculty and staff.

The new physical therapy center, located on the first floor of the Health Center, allows for easy access to patients and significant room for new equipment and additional employees.

The center hosts a variety of new equipment, including a built-in Theraband wall station, a Plyoback machine, a bike, and a treadmill. The Theraband station allows for targeted, safe strength training with bands of differing resistance levels, while the Plyoback machine is used for rebounding medicine balls, improving balance, and jogging exercises.

Dave Bancek, the newest addition to the PT staff, prepares for appointments in his office.

In addition to current staff physical therapists, Patti Grant and Amanda Clark, the Health Center is excited to welcome a new part-time physical therapist to the team, Dave Bancek.

Bancek is thrilled to be back at the school where he earned his undergraduate degree. Since graduating from IU, he received his PT degree at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been a practicing physical therapist for 21 years.

In his off days from our facility, Bancek conducts physical therapy home care in Indianapolis, where he currently resides. His favorite part of his job is unsurprising for a physical therapists–seeing his patients improve.

Patti Grant, Jennifer Webb, and Amanda Clark in the new facility.

A new technician, Jennifer Webb, recently joined the PT staff as well. She previously worked for six years as a medical assistant in the Health Center.

The hiring of Bancek and Webb enables the Health Center to expand its physical therapy services to all IU faculty and staff on Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Physical therapy is now the eleventh service the Health Center offers to university employees (see our full catalog of employee services here).

The PT department offers a wide range of services for musculoskeletal injuries, acute or chronic spine or extremity issues, and post-operative recovery.

Experiencing pain that interferes with your daily activities? Bring in a prescription and get started!

Following an initial consultation assessing your injury, its history, and effects on your daily life, our physical therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan for you. Supervised exercises, hot/cold packs, ultrasound, muscular biofeedback, electrical stimulation, manual therapy, and injury education are just a few of the treatment methods we use.

Whether you’re an IU employee or a student, we welcome you to our new facility.

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