America Saves at Wellness at Wells

As we enter into week eight, it’s hard to believe that the spring semester is almost halfway over. Unfortunately, as the days tick by, so does the money in students’ bank accounts.

Thinking about stretching those college funds all the way into the summer can be daunting. Thankfully, this week is America Saves Week and several events and resources have been put in place on campus to help students understand and better manage their financial lives.

Students often wonder how to make ends meet, how to budget while waiting tables, how student loans actually work, and what to expect upon graduation. On Wednesday from 1-3 p.m., MoneySmarts from the Office of Financial Literacy will join us at Wellness at Wells (Wells Library Learning Commons, Room 138) to touch on questions like these and more!

“The MoneySmarts program, even though we are under the Office of Financial Literacy, considers our approach to be a financial wellness approach–it’s more about recognizing how decisions you make in financial life affect your overall health and well-being,” said Morgan McMillan, Assistant Director of Financial Literacy.

For questions that may be more personal, or require lengthy explanations, the MoneySmarts team can help students schedule free individual 30-minute consultations. Students can choose between a general “financial check-up” or a financial wellness appointment, based on their specific needs.

Equipped with financial wellness experts and loads of information, the MoneySmarts team will be a valuable addition to Wellness at Wells this week–don’t miss it! We’ll have our staple wellness assessments, free massages, and aromatherapy as well!

Here are some other events they’ll be hosting throughout the week as well.

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