Cupcakes and Condoms Sexual Health Fair

Are you curious about how different types of condoms feel, but don’t want to buy an entire box to experiment with? Have you ever wanted to try lubricant, but had no idea what kind to purchase? At Cupcakes and Condoms, a sexual and reproductive health event for all students, we’ll help you with these questions, as well as the ones you didn’t even know you had!

Visit the Frangipani Room at the IMU between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. this Tuesday, February 28, for an event packed with free cupcakes, free sexual health and safety products, photo booth fun, and more!

Cupcakes and Condoms will feature a plethora of intriguing booths for visitors to explore, including:

  1. Photo booth: Yes, there will be two people dressed in a cupcake and condom costume available for pics! We’re guessing you won’t find this photo opportunity on a regular basis!
  2. Consent: A sexual health event would be incomplete without a booth designated to reminding everyone of the importance of consent.
  3. Condom “dos” and “don’ts”: If you’re interested in learning more about male condoms, female condoms, and other barrier methods, this is the booth for you. You’ll also find advice on where to find free condoms, as well as how to store and discard them.
  4. STI information: College students have a tendency to underestimate the likelihood of contracting an STI. Did you know that 15 to 24-year-olds account for half of all new sexually transmitted infections (CDC)? Visit this booth to take a confidential risk assessment and identify potentially unsafe behaviors.
  5. Touch, feel, and proper fit: When it comes to condoms, one size does NOT fit all. In fact, not only are there different sizes to choose from, but there are different styles as well! We will have a fun variety of condoms to give away at this booth!
  6. Lubricants: Believe it or not, there are certain types of lubricant (water, silicone, or oil-based) that should be used differently depending on the activity you and your partner would like to engage in. Which kind of lubricant pairs best with sex toys? Which kind lasts the longest? Which should you use during water activities? Find answers to these questions and more!
  7. Consent condom races
  8. Sexual health goodie box & birth control methods
  9. Partner communication: Use role play and modeling to brainstorm communication barriers in your sex life and ways to overcome these obstacles.
  10. The Game of Life (sex Life): This grown-up twist to a childhood board game will facilitate discussion about the consequences of STIs and unintended pregnancy, and how your life could change provided one of these occurs.
  11. Genital health and self-exam information
  12. Condom crafts
  13. Ask a Sexpert: Ask on of our trusted Sexperts any of your sex questions in person onsite!
  14. Reproductive justice
  15. Pharmacy residence hall delivery
  16. Free safety products
  17. Cupcakes!!!!!

If you want reassurance that safe sex is fun sex, peace that comes with being well-informed, or even just free goodies, join us Tuesday!

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