Ask Big Red Your Sexual Health Questions

College students love to talk about sex, but as soon as they have a serious question about it – the talking stops. Sure, Google can direct you to topics ranging from common STI symptoms to the most popular sex positions for 2017, but there are some questions that Cosmo, or even WebMD, can’t answer.

As such, we’re introducing a new friend to IU’s campus – Big Red: our all-knowing, all-accepting condom cartoon mascot. Through Big Red, we hope to get the conversation started and create a trustworthy place in which IU students feel comfortable asking ANY sex-related question, 100% anonymously!

Have you ever wondered…

  • How does birth control work? What about emergency contraception?
  • Does using lube make it less likely I’ll get pregnant?
  • Why doesn’t my girlfriend orgasm?
  • What’s a female condom?

Questions like these and many others can be asked at Selected answers will be posted on Thursdays on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Questions and answers can also be found on our dedicated Ask Big Red page.

So, who’s behind this all-knowing “Big Red” condom?

The woman behind the scenes (you thought this little guy was voiced by a man?!) is Heather Eastman-Mueller, the IU Health Center’s Assistant Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Heather earned her Ph. D. at the University of Missouri and has over 20 years of experience teaching and researching in the field. An IU alumna herself, she is thrilled to be back on campus educating students on sexual health. Ask Big Red, and let Heather share her Sex Talk Intelligence (the only good kind of STI!) with you.

For an additional opportunity to ask your questions, join us at Cupcakes and Condoms on February 28, where a booth will be dedicated to Ask Big Red.

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