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With domestic, international growth on the horizon, IU-funded drone firm PrecisionHawk makes a change at CEO

A drone mapping and aerial data services company that counts the Innovate Indiana Fund as a key financial backer has made a switch at CEO as it prepares for rapid growth both domestically and abroad. According to TechCrunch, Blackboard Inc. co-founder Michael Chasen is taking the reins at the Raleigh, N.C.-based PrecisionHawk, which employs at… Read more »

PROFILE: DinnerCall mobile app, developed with backing from Innovate Indiana Fund, stands poised to place supermarkets on equal ground with fast food chains and restaurants

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — To see the business opportunity that Indiana University startup professor Gerry Hays seeks to capitalize on, just take a short stroll in your local grocer’s deli – say around 8 or 9 p.m. Slide past the bananas, the tomatoes, the shrink-wrapped potatoes – and saunter up close to the main counter where… Read more »

IU-backed startup appoints Steve Carchedi as new president and CEO

The month of October brought a flurry of events to ApeX Pharmaceuticals, a company co-founded by the IU School of Medicine’s Mark R. Kelley to develop novel compounds for cancer treatment. On Oct. 10, the company announced the appointment of Steve Carchedi as president and CEO. Formerly CEO of Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, a biotech firm that… Read more »

IU enjoys a banner year for licensing, patents & inventions filed with IURTC

For the Indiana University Research and Technology Corp., it was a milestone year on a couple of fronts. During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, IURTC oversaw the completion of 43 licensing agreements and it ended the 2015 calendar year ranked 43rd worldwide in patents received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The 43 licensing agreements… Read more »

PROFILE: IU-backed WhatFriendsDo provides online aid for those in need, blazes new trails for female-run startups

When a loved one becomes seriously ill, loses a family member, picks up the pieces after a fire or faces military deployment, they need help. They need friends. But sometimes, their friends’ best intentions go awry. Efforts get duplicated, confusion reigns and soon, nerves are frayed. Sounds like a job for WhatFriendsDo. Launched in June… Read more »

An aerial data services company backed by the Innovate Indiana Fund is named of the world’s most promising tech pioneers for 2016

Google. Twitter. Spotify. Mozilla. Dropbox. Airbnb. The Wikimedia Foundation. Each of these names — easily recognizable in the information age that is the 21st century — has been recognized by the World Economic Forum in one year or another as one of the world’s 30 most promising technology pioneers. These are companies that, in the… Read more »

Indiana's largest expo for startups, the 2016 Innovation Showcase, is slated for July 13-14

The annual Innovation Showcase held at Speedway’s Dallara IndyCar Factory is a red-letter event for startup companies in Indiana. As the state’s largest expo for such companies, it offers a prominent venue for companies in the early stages of raising capital pitch their ideas and establish ties with venture capitalists, angel investors and business executives…. Read more »

National Inventors Month: May marks national and IU celebration of invention and creativity

For many around Indiana University, May means graduation, the start of summer break and the world’s greatest auto race, the Indianapolis 500. Yet it also marks a month of recognition for those whose creativity and perseverance improve the human condition, as May is National Inventors Month. As IU approaches its bicentennial, among its strategic goals… Read more »

Innovate Indiana Fund part of an $18 million finance round for UAV maker PrecisionHawk

Once again, the Innovate Indiana Fund has put its faith in the efforts of PrecisionHawk Inc. — a maker of unmanned aerial vehicles and the tools they use to collect data — by taking part in an $18 million funding round for the rapidly growing company. The Series C capitalization has more than a half-dozen… Read more »