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IURTC Outreach: Tony Armstrong to speak on technology transfer panels

In June, Tony Armstrong, president and CEO of the Indiana University Research and Technology Corp., will participate in two panel discussions about technology transfer. “The discussions will have similar content: how technology transfer offices have to evolve to support their local economy and university,” he said. “Technology transfer professionals must engage more deeply with industry… Read more »

Marie Kerbeshian on Indiana University inventions, technology commercialization and next steps

Marie Kerbeshian, vice president of technology commercialization, will be leaving Indiana University Research and Technology Corp. this week. She wrote the following for the Crimson Catalyst blog. “You may be familiar with the term ‘medical students’ disease,’ when students worry they are exhibiting the exact symptoms they are studying in class. Sometimes I jest that as… Read more »

IU researchers create math learning software to help students, educators

With the rise of the online text, e-readers and tablets, there has been a revolution in how people consume written information. The way most people write math, however, hasn’t changed in centuries. It was this realization that inspired Indiana University’s David Landy to create Graspable Math — software that allows users to “touch” and manipulate… Read more »

IU researcher’s, alumni’s high-tech companies recognized as best in the state

Two high-tech companies founded by Indiana University researchers and alumni were recognized as the best in the state during the TechPoint Mira Awards event on April 29. Arrhythmotech, based on research by Dr. Peng-Sheng Chen of the Indiana University School of Medicine, was named Innovation of the Year. DoubleMap, founded by IU alumni Ilya Rekhter,… Read more »

Company that licenses IU School of Medicine research receives $8 million in funding

Congratulations to FAST BioMedical, a life sciences company that licenses research from the Indiana University School of Medicine. The company announced that is has received $8 million in funding to advance clinical trials of the company’s technology as well as to hire additional talent and advance the company’s global patent portfolio. A news release is available… Read more »

IU scientists identify therapy with potential to eliminate dialysis need

Scientists at Indiana University have identified a therapy that could help reverse damage from acute kidney injury and eliminate the need for dialysis treatment in the future. Acute kidney injury commonly occurs after either cardiac surgery or prolonged vascular surgery procedures, said lead researcher Dr. Robert L. Bacallao, associate professor of medicine at IU School… Read more »

IURTC Outreach: Tony Armstrong selected for panel discussion hosted by Indianapolis Business Journal

Tony Armstrong, president and CEO of the Indiana University Research and Technology Corp., will participate in a panel discussion of industry experts about the life sciences Friday, April 28, in downtown Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Business Journal is hosting the Power Breakfast Series – Life Sciences event at the Marriott Indianapolis, 350 W. Maryland St. Registration… Read more »

A Call to Invest Locally

In a February 20 Wall Street Journal online article titled “How to Get Venture Capital to Places Left Behind,” Steve Case — the co-founder of AOL and chief executive of investment firm Revolution LLC — spoke about the importance of encouraging and developing startups across the United States, not just in California, Massachusetts and New… Read more »

Indiana University researchers map key protein in the Zika virus

Indiana University researchers are leading a team that has mapped a protein that allows the Zika virus to reproduce and spread. Indiana University Research and Technology Corp. has applied for a patent on the method to reproduce the protein in a laboratory setting. Cheng Kao, a professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and… Read more »