Marie Kerbeshian on Indiana University inventions, technology commercialization and next steps

Marie Kerbeshian, vice president of technology commercialization, will be leaving Indiana University Research and Technology Corp. this week. She wrote the following for the Crimson Catalyst blog.

Marie Kerbeshian
Marie Kerbeshian

“You may be familiar with the term ‘medical students’ disease,’ when students worry they are exhibiting the exact symptoms they are studying in class. Sometimes I jest that as a technology commercialization professional, I have the opposite syndrome: When I sit down with Indiana University researchers to review their latest inventions, I am convinced that we will soon have cures for all the diseases confronting humankind!

“All joking aside, every day brings me an example of the innovative research being conducted at IU, along with the researchers who put in the extra effort to support the commercialization of their discoveries. I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to play even a small part in bringing IU innovations to the world.

“After eight years as IU Research and Technology Corporation’s vice president of technology commercialization, I am leaving IU to join the University of Iowa Research Foundation as its executive director. While I will miss everyone at IU, I am confident that I am leaving you in good hands: Dave Wilhite in Indianapolis and Bill Brizzard in Bloomington will lead IU’s technology commercialization team in its ongoing efforts to engage the university’s strengths to support the health, economic and social development of Indiana, the nation and the world.”

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