IURTC Outreach: Five to attend AUTM annual meeting, March 12-15

Personnel from Indiana University Research and Technology Corp. will visit Hollywood, Florida, from March 12-15 to attend the 2017 annual meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers. IURTC protects, markets and licenses intellectual property developed at Indiana University so it can be commercialized by industry.

headshot of David Wilhite
David Wilhite, Director of Technology Commercialization, Indianapolis

David Wilhite, Director of Technology Commercialization in Indianapolis, said the AUTM Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for IURTC to network with a variety of audiences.

“We network and learn from colleagues at other universities who do the same thing we do: evaluate, protect, market and license innovations discovered by university researchers. While each university is unique, it remains valuable to learn from one another, especially best practices that might be adapted and adopted for other settings,” he said.

“More industry licensing representatives have been attending the AUTM Annual Meeting as well. This means we can further strengthen relationships with potential licensees who may have an interest in an Indiana University-discovered invention.”

IURTC personnel who will attend the meeting are Wilhite; Marie Kerbeshian, Vice President of Technology Commercialization; Brion St Amour, General Counsel and Head of Intellectual Property; and John Montgomery and Katherine Moynihan, technology managers. St Amour will be a panelist during a session titled “Patent Management from the Inside: A Dialog between Internal and External Patent Professionals.”

Have a terrific time at the AUTM Annual Meeting!

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