Using software to improve quality of care for young patients

headshot of Dr. Stephen Downs
Dr. Stephen Downs, President, Digital Health Solutions LLC
headshot of Tammy Dugan
Tammy Dugan, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Health Solutions

The quality of care for pediatric patients will be improved by software developed at IU School of Medicine and commercialized by a startup company.

Digital Health Solutions was launched by Dr. Stephen Downs and Tammy Dugan to commercialize software called CHICA, or Child Health Improvement through Computer Automation. Over the past 12 years, CHICA has been used for more than 50,000 visits at Eskenazi Hospital clinics in Indianapolis.

Downs said health care providers, including pediatricians, struggle with managing the thousands of primary care guidelines and recommendations for each patient visit.

“CHICA addresses this challenge by screening families in the waiting room,” he said. “Families receive an electronic tablet upon arrival that asks 20 questions. Based on the family’s responses, the software uses its prioritization process to select the most important issues for the physician to address during the visit.”

The company is a member of the Spin Up entrepreneurial program offered by Indiana University Research and Technology Corp.

Read more about Digital Health Solutions here.

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