Year: 2010

Connect with IU: Center on Philanthropy

  From the Center on Philanthropy website: The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University is a leading academic center dedicated to increasing the understanding of philanthropy and improving its practice through research, teaching, public service and public affairs. Founded in 1987, the Center is a part of the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at… Read more »

IU Envisions Tech Corridor along Bypass |

Go to other universities and their tech parks are literally miles away from the center of campus, where, in our case, our tech park is literally on the perimeter of campus”. Read about the Teachnology Corridor here

Afghanistan: Leadership Lessons Learned Part 3

By Kirk White I recently posted two lessons learned applicable to any complex organization.  Here is the final in the series of posts.  Finally, the 3rd lesson; embrace change and be agile.  When I joined the National Guard only twenty years ago, our wartime mission was focused on defeating the Warsaw Pact in Europe.  Today, we operate… Read more »

Afghanistan: Leadership Lessons Learned Part 2

By Kirk White Recently I blogged about the first lesson learned in Afghanistan during my recent deployment. Here is part two  of three with another point that I think is important for any organization: Second, it is vital to understand the culture and languages of your area of operations.  Many Americans do not understand their own… Read more »

Afghanistan: Leadership Lessons Learned Part 1

By Kirk White This summer I completed a second one year tour of duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan as an Indiana Army National Guard officer.  During my first tour, 2004-05, I was chief of an embedded training team advising a battalion of the new Afghan National Army.  As we departed in… Read more »

The Power of Partnerships

By Nasser Paydar, Chancellor, Indiana University East Our future in Indiana depends on available human resources, people who are well-educated and have the tools to help bring about the next model of prosperity in our knowledge-based global economy, where talented and educated citizens emerge as the central asset.  Fortunately, state leaders have acknowledged the role… Read more »

NVCA Launches Medical Innovation and Competitiveness(MedIC) Coalition

By Tony Armstrong The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) has announced the formation of the Medical Innovation and Competitiveness (MedIC) Coalition, a new alliance comprised of both venture capital firms and their life sciences portfolio companies. The MedIC Coalition will be a united voice in Washington D.C. advocating for policies and regulations that advance U.S…. Read more »

From Bench to Bedside: Understanding Translational Research

This blog written by: Dr. Anantha Shekhar, Director of the Indiana CTSI. The term “bench to bedside” has received considerable attention in the biomedical community over the last few years. When researchers mention the phrase, “bench to bedside” they are referencing the concept of ‘translational medical research’. Many in the biomedical community see translational research… Read more »

The Enactment of Bayh-Dole, An Inside Perspective

By Tony Armstrong I came across this interesting article on how the Bayh-Dole Act came about and thought I would share it. You can read the full article on the link below. The Enactment of Bayh-Dole, An Inside Perspective | | Patents & Patent Law.